About me 

I’m a senior editor at Texas Monthly, covering immigration, Latino issues, and elections.

Before starting at Texas Monthly, I worked as a freelancer and as an independent contributor to many different magazines. I was a contributing editor with Politico Magazine, an election correspondent with Prism, a contributing option writer with Business Insider, and a contributing reporter with Pacific Standard. 

My work has appeared in Politico Magazine, The Guardian, The Nation, The New RepublicColumbia Journalism Review, Pacific Standard, Popular Science, PRI’s The World, GEN Magazine, and TruthOut, as well as in syndication Salon, The Week, and CityLab. I’m based out of Austin, Texas, and I travel around the state and to Mexico frequently to report.

I was a 2020 Ida B. Wells fellow with Type Investigations at the Type Media Center, where I worked on a year-long investigation on immigration and health care. 

I’m always happy to talk with editors about  freelance opportunities. 

You can reach me at jackherrerx ‘at’ gmail.com

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